Watch and smile…


Park Rules


Park Hours: dawn to dusk

This park is made for skateboarders, BMX bike riders, in-line skaters, and scooter riders.             


  1. Helmets mandatory for users 12 years of age & under.
  2. Safety equipment, such as pads, is strongly recommended.
  3. No pegs on the pool coping.
  4. Respectful behavior/language is expected at all times.
  5. The use of alcohol & tobacco are prohibited.
  6. Remove all debris that may prevent a smooth, safe ride.
  7. Dispose of trash & recyclables in the provided bins.
  8. Graffiti, tagging, stickers, vandalism & destruction of public property prohibited.
  9. Use only city provided park stunts/features.
  10. Keep alert to other users, stay in control, & wait your turn.
  11. All city ordinances & park rules are enforced.
  12. HAVE FUN!



BSBP is happy to announce our first Bike-Scooter-&-Skate-a-thon to be hosted at Avon Lake Indoor Skatepark at 33501 Lake Rd  Avon Lake (440- 930-2154) on Saturday, January 30th, 2010 beginning at noon!!! Download the  flyer, sponsor sheet,  & sponsorship directions to participate in our fundraising efforts.


Safe Summer!


We wanted to remind everyone to be careful out there during the summer months as we skate/ride/roll around town. Hopefully everyone is having a safe summer and we are looking forward to some exciting announcements about the park in the coming months. Until then – Keep Rolling!