More pictures…


The forming crew has begun!


This week Mark Goddard and Toby Mohlman began forming the features in the park.  These guys are super nice and VERY talented!

Site Prep Complete!


Here are a few other pictures from last week. Tom Noble, the owner of WhoSkates has done a terrific job prepping the site for the forming crew, which began today. Starting today, the park should be complete in about two and a half weeks! I will upload pictures from this week ASAP. Come check it out!

What a fruitful weekend!


The park is truly taking shape.  The bowl has been dug, the outer track is prepped, the foundation for the deck is formed, and the drain pipe was installed.  Tomorrow sand will be delivered to the site.  Truly AMAZING!

Go to the BSBP facebook page for more pictures…

WhoSkates has arrived!


Today Tom Noble moved on site.  He’s here for the weekend to do preliminary digging.  The pictures below show the first scoop, as well as the beginning of the bowl.  Can’t wait!

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