“You can put that skatepark right in my backyard.”
     – Randy Stang

On Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 Randy Stang stood up and made a passionate plea at Bay Village City Hall.  His eloquent and rational support for the kids, skaters, and bikers of Bay Village was inspiring. Immediately after he spoke, Randy passed away.

Randy understood what it meant to be part of a vibrant, proud community.
Randy believed in diversity and encouraged acceptance.
Randy was explicit that we be accountable for the decisions we make. 
Randy understood implication.
Randy promoted informed decision-making, as well as hospitality.
Randy was an ardent leader promoting youth causes.
Randy made us laugh.
Randy was a non-biased opportunist.
Randy was willing to give so others would gain.

Upon hearing of Randy’s passing, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk said it best, “Randy Stang is my hero”.

Bay Skate & Bike Park Foundation is honored to carry on Randy’s passion for youth. It is our hope that this park will carry on Randy’s legacy in a community he loved, supported, and participated in. We thank him for his devotion, inspiration, and smile.

Heather Taylor, of The Sun Herald wrote:
 An active member of the Bay Village community died Wednesday night after speaking in favor of a proposed park near his backyard. Randy Stang had just finished talking about his support for the Bay Skate and Bike Park at City Council’s Recreation and Parks Improvements Committee meeting when he collapsed.  Stang, a past president of the Bay Village Kiwanis Club, told the committee that he had no problem with a park being built just beyond his backyard at the latest proposed site in Bradley Park. He added that the Kiwanis Club supported the idea of a skate park in the city. 

Pulitzer Prize Nominated Regina Brett, of The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote:
Randy Stang was 55. He left his wife, Jacqueline, and four children: Lindsay, Taylor, Logan and Branson. And he leaves us all with a legacy, with new words to live by. We hear people vow all the time, almost threaten, “Not in my back yard.” Perhaps you’ve said it. I confess that I have. Randy’s message? I believe so much in my community, put it in my back yard. When the people of Bay Village build The Stang Memorial Skate and Bike Park, I hope it sends out such a joyful noise that it reaches all the way to Randy.

Thank you Randy!