We’re almost there…


The park is expected to be open to the public Mon. Oct. 4th.  We know you’ve waited A LONG TIME for this skatepark, but we’re asking you to wait just a few more days.  As long as the construction fence is up, please do not enter the area.  When you see the sod going in, you’ll know it’s nearly ready to ride… :)  THANK YOU!

GREAT progress!!!


Shooting the bowl…


If you’ve never seen a skatepark bowl built, check out this video of the WhoSkates crew shooting the Bay bowl.  It’s quite a process.

New online store now OPEN!


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Shallow End, Hip & More!


More Progress!


Bring on the Concrete!!!


More pictures…


The forming crew has begun!


This week Mark Goddard and Toby Mohlman began forming the features in the park.  These guys are super nice and VERY talented!

Site Prep Complete!


Here are a few other pictures from last week. Tom Noble, the owner of WhoSkates has done a terrific job prepping the site for the forming crew, which began today. Starting today, the park should be complete in about two and a half weeks! I will upload pictures from this week ASAP. Come check it out!

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